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We’re busy growing leafy greens in our farm in San Carlos. Our greens have rich, noticeable flavor and can stand on their own as a delicious dish. And with no GMOs or pesticides, they’re guaranteed to be better.

Genovese Basil

The classic Italian herb, beloved in pestos and on pizzas. Basil’s sharp aroma and flavor are great raw, atop flatbreads or fresh tomatoes, or used to infuse sauces, dough, and proteins. It's difficult to grow but worth it when done well — you’ll notice the snap and smell of freshness instantly.

Romaine Lettuce

The favorite for Caesar salads and anything needing a little crunch, Romaine is high in water content and the classic “greens” taste. It gets a bad rap for being flavorless, but grown right, it’s simply the most refreshing thing you can bite into.

Butterhead Lettuce

Similar to Romaine, but smoother and sweeter, Butterhead is perfect for summery salads. As the name implies, it has a rich flavor that can easily stand on its own.

Green Oakleaf Lettuce

One of the standards in “mixed greens”, Green Oakleaf is light, delicate, and mild in flavor. It grows in lively bunches and needs very little adornment — go light on the dressings to really enjoy the soft, subtle taste.

Red Oakleaf Lettuce

The other standard in “mixed greens”, Red Oakleaf is as light in texture as its green counterpart but a little more luscious in flavor. It grows in an array of colors ranging from burgundy to deep purple and is an excellent balance to Green Oakleaf lettuce in a mixed salad.

Curly Kale

A cruciferous vegetable, Curly Kale is a hardy plant and one of the most flavorful greens. Massage it for salads, sauteé it for a stand-out side dish, or break it into pieces and bake it for chips.

Tuscan Kale

Also called “Dino Kale”, Tuscan Kale is a bit softer than the curly variety, with the same slight bitterness but more even texture and a milder flavor. Massaged and cut into ribbons, it’s the base for the best kale salads.

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