Deliciously Essential

We’ve reinvented farming to grow the most delicious, consistent produce - for everyone.
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Grown By Robots With Love

Our growing process takes a human led, robotics-first approach to ensure every plant is grown at its best from seed to harvest.

We Grow More With Less

We’ve designed our growing system around the sun, an approach that uses less energy than other modern forms of farming. Our hydroponic growing system uses 90% less water over traditional farming while growing 30 times the amount of crops per acre of land.

Accessibil­ity for Everyone

Our team is dedicated to addressing some of the most significant issues in food security, now and in the future. We’re focused on sustainable, scalable food production for a changing climate and an ever growing population. Our process eases the growing pressure of food waste and labor scarcity by providing a stable supply of fresh, nutritious food for our communities.

Local Consistent Quality

Our farms serve local communities to deliver on the most desired, freshest greens available. We’re able to provide year round, consistent varietals, free of limitations from seasonality and price fluctuations.

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