We’re here to solve global climate through food.

Today, 40% of the food grown worldwide is thrown away before reaching a shopping basket. We are committed to bringing precision to the entire process of farming so we can eliminate this waste, and building a system that works towards a carbon-negative future.

At Iron Ox, we also believe the best food is grown locally and recently. Our growing facilities use advanced robotics to cultivate perfect, nutritious produce by giving each plant the specific attention it needs, and then getting it on a store shelf nearby within about a day of harvest.

We also believe that food is a blend of science and art, perfectly precise and simply delicious. Our dedication to food quality is based on our shared understanding that food should always be a source of joy, worth sharing and celebrating.

Most importantly, we understand that addressing agriculture’s impact on climate is an immediate need. Precision food production, at scale, is urgently needed to address the impacts of our food system. This isn’t something we should do; it’s something we must do.

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Iron Ox: Origins

Every summer of my childhood, I shipped off to my grandparent’s farm for hours of picking cotton, potatoes, or peanuts under the Texas sun. And honestly? I dreaded it. So, there were a few raised eyebrows around the Alexander family dinner table when I announced I was leaving my dream robotics job to become a farmer.

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