Frequently Asked Questions

What does Iron Ox do?

At Iron Ox we grow delicious fresh produce sustainably, using robotics & technology to reduce farming’s historical reliance on water, land, and energy.

Where can I purchase Iron Ox produce?

Iron Ox produce is available at Northern California Whole Foods locations, as well as other Northern California grocery stores. In late 2021, our Lockhart, Texas greenhouse will begin to supply grocery stores in the Austin & San Antonio areas.

How are Iron Ox greenhouses different from traditional greenhouses?

Our precision growing facilities utilize robots, artificial intelligence, and advanced plant science to grow delicious fresh produce more quickly, more efficiently, and at consistently higher levels of quality, even when compared to the very best of traditional methods.

How does Iron Ox use robots to help grow fresh produce?

Iron Ox robots perform many of the repetitive & time-consuming tasks in a greenhouse. For example, our robots move our fresh produce around the greenhouse when needed.

How does Iron Ox use artificial intelligence to help grow fresh produce?

By constantly collecting an incredible amount of plant data, we continually learn new ways to improve plant quality and quantity, while reducing the total time to grow. It means we can grow more with less, and we’ll keep getting better.

Where are Iron Ox greenhouses located?

Iron Ox has locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Lockhart, Texas.

Does Iron Ox grow all year?

Yes, Iron Ox greenhouses operate year-round. Our specific crops can vary by season, but we’re always growing.

What types of fresh produce does Iron Ox grow and sell?

Currently, Iron Ox produces a variety of leafy greens, herbs, and berries. We are continually testing new crops.

How can Iron Ox’s farming methods contribute to global climate solutions?

40% of all global produce is thrown away before it reaches a consumer. The environmental impacts of this waste are substantial: it’s hundreds of millions of pounds of food that lead to massive CO2 and methane emissions. By growing with more precision and efficiency, we can eliminate this waste, and its effects on global climate.

Is Iron Ox produce non-GMO?

Yes, all Iron Ox produce is non-GMO.

Is Iron Ox produce organic?

Our fresh produce is not “certified organic” due to the hydroponic systems we use. The majority of organic certifications relate to soil treatment: we don’t use soil, so we do not qualify for typical organic certification. This is not an impediment to our ability to deliver fresh, delicious produce that sets the standards for quality.

Do I need to wash Iron Ox produce?

Yes, you should always wash any food that you haven’t grown for yourself (and probably just go ahead and wash that too).

Is Iron Ox hiring?

We are hiring for roles in California and Texas. To see our open roles, click here.