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Iron Ox Goes on the Road To Talk About Solving Global Climate Through Food

Iron Ox Goes on the Road To Talk About Solving Global Climate Through Food image

Brandon Alexander to speak at Web Summit on the Growth Stage and Sustainability Stage

Our CEO Brandon Alexander will be traveling to Lisbon, Portugal to speak at Web Summit on November 3rd, 2021. Web Summit is highly regarded as “the world’s premier tech conference” and a place “where the future goes to be born.” Brandon will represent Iron Ox amongst founders, CEOs, and heads of state as pioneers in redefining the global tech landscape. Speakers include Patrick Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods; Brad Smith, President and Vice Chair at Microsoft; Stacey Plaskett, Representative for the House of Representatives; Ayo (fka Opal) Tometi, Co-founder of Black Lives Matter; and Biz Stone, co-founder of Future Positive, to name a few. Brandon will be joining Accenture on the Sustainability Stage after his keynote. 

Join us virtually at Texan by Nature, Emerging Models in Conservation

Closer to home, our CFO Tom Constantino will be speaking at Texan by Nature in Dallas, Texas on November 3rd. Texan by Nature, is a Texan-led initiative founded by Laura Bush in 2011 to unite conservation and business. Tom will join a panel of speakers including Jennifer Chandler, President of Bank of America Dallas, Jerae Carlson, VP of Sustainability, Communications and Public Affairs at CEMEX, and Jason Sawyer, Associate Professor for King Ranch Institute. With over 200 attendees, their topic “Emerging Models in Conservation” will discuss how new methods and models of systemic practices will drive the future of conservation. It is free to attend and sign up here.

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We believe the best food is grown locally and recently. Our growing facilities use advanced robotics to cultivate perfect, nutritious produce by giving each plant the specific attention it needs, and then getting it on a store shelf nearby within about a day of harvest.