Redesigning Agriculture

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Behind the scenes

At Iron Ox, we are redesigning agriculture. We recently shot a short video to help tell the story of not just how we’re doing it but also why it’s such an urgent need. 

We filmed at our 2 locations in California – San Carlos and Gilroy – before flying to Texas to get footage from our newest location in Lockhart, Texas. The days were long, and the temps in Texas got pretty hot, but our mighty crew got the job done, and we’re proud of the result. We hope you like it too! 

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Cameras rolling, literally – getting some of those smooth gliding shots wasn’t always easy, but it was definitely worth the effort! Check out all those rollerskate wheels!

Sometimes there is too much light! Getting some close-up shots required clever engineering to get the light just right.

Did we fly a drone inside the greenhouse? Yes, yes we did. Can you find the drone shots in the video? (and yes, our food safety team kept a close eye on us while we did this!)

The Results

Our current food system was built for a world with fewer people, more water, and a stable climate. A world that no longer exists. 

What if we looked at farming differently? 

What if we redesigned farming from the ground up. 

To be sustainable, scalable, data-driven, 

What if we could transform agriculture to meet our needs, water supply, population, and, most importantly, our future. 

Better tasting and nutritious food with less greenhouse gas emissions, water, and land.

Sustainable food that is grown at scale and delivered locally, without compromise. 

It’s time to transform farming and revolutionize agriculture while there is still time to make a difference.

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Iron Ox

We believe the best food is grown locally and recently. Our growing facilities use advanced robotics to cultivate perfect, nutritious produce by giving each plant the specific attention it needs, and then getting it on a store shelf nearby within about a day of harvest.