Iron Ox redesigned the entire farming system to be renewable and scaleable

Redesigning Agriculture

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less water use

than field farms


less energy use

than vertical farms


less distance traveled

than non-local farms


less land use

than field farms

Estimates derived from internal data and sources available from scientific literature. Life cycle assessment in development.

The Size of the Problem

The Size of the Problem

Agriculture is the second-leading source of CO₂ emissions, and its negative impacts increase as we increase the amount of farming. With a global population projected to reach 10 billion by 2050, the problem grows as fast as we do, impacting our climate, our water supply, and our soil.


of fresh fruits & vegetables

are wasted before they reach a consumer

1.19 Gigatons

of annual GHG emissions

are caused by wasted fresh produce


of all the world’s fresh water

is used by agriculture

Our Impact

Every time our fresh produce is purchased, the impact goes beyond the plate it’s served on. Every plant we’ve grown to date has used fewer resources than traditional methods while maintaining truly exceptional quality and flavor. What’s more, everything we’ve grown has provided data that feeds back into our system to help the next crop be even better.


The Potential

The potential of more sustainable food production is bigger than just Iron Ox: the even bigger potential is to inspire the entire agriculture system to become carbon neutral, and one day, carbon negative. It will require changes to many things, but it’s clear that there’s no reason it should require anyone to give up delicious, fresh produce.

We urgently need to stabilize the effects food production have on our climate.  We understand that it’s going to require massive advances in sustainable agriculture to get it done, and those leaps can’t come at the expense of taste.

What will it take?

What will it take?

This is the beginning. Over the coming years, our approach and technology will scale to reach hundreds of millions of people. Each new greenhouse will represent meaningful reductions in emissions, and fresher, better produce that can be delivered to the communities nearby. This will require a lot of greenhouses, but we can’t let that stop us. Our only concern is simply the shrinking number of years we have to do it.


Food production is the second-largest emitter of CO₂ emissions. At Iron Ox, our goal is to make it net neutral.

Seem like a worthy pursuit?

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