Meet the Women of Iron Ox

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Meet the Women of Iron Ox!

Iron Ox empowers women to lead and drive functional areas in all aspects of our business. From roles that include science and technology, to finance and operations, these women are pillars at Iron Ox. We are so grateful for them and the example they set for others in the workplace, and in the world. 

Meet Dr. Paty Romero, our Head of Plant Science.

Meet Nicole Bergelin, our Sustainability Business Partner.

Nicole opening part of our Greenhouse in Lockhart, TX.

Nicole has been with Iron Ox for four years. She started off as a Grower, advanced to Head of Growing, and is now our Sustainability Business Partner. She is helping to establish baseline carbon emissions and develop our sustainability programs. She is leveraging her background in crop production to analyze our growing process and find opportunities to make our processes more efficient.

The Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry is helping to make locally grown produce more accessible across the nation. I’m proud to be a part of this new wave of agriculture.

At Iron Ox each team member is an expert in their field and we all bring fresh perspectives on how to make our food system more resilient together. I’ve learned so much from my colleagues over the last four years working together to build and scale our greenhouses.

Nicole Bergelin

Meet Lucianne Kempton, our Director of Operations.

Luci showing off our plans for our Lockhart, TX Greenhouse.

Luci is responsible for all of our greenhouse production, workplace, and training teams. Her most recent focus has been operationalizing our first at-scale greenhouse in Lockhart, TX which includes developing and implementing workflows, grow systems, safety regulations, technical support, and logistics. When she’s not focused on production, she supports strategic objectives including scaling the business, building the playbook for growth, and developing cross-functional metrics and dashboards reporting on business performance.

I’ve found that agriculture is substantially more than just farming and its challenges are equally as complex. I’m proud to work in an industry that directly impacts people; whether it’s feeding a family in a food desert, creating best practices to grow renewable foods, or developing new, more nutritious varieties that leave a legacy for generations to come.

I’m proud to work at a company that genuinely believes in this vision and where folks collaborate every single day to redesign agriculture as we know it. I’m incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made since I joined two and half years ago, and as I look to the future, this team’s unwavering dedication will lead us to not only Iron Ox’s success, but to an enhanced food production system from which the world will benefit

Lucianne Kempton

Meet Alison Bellach, our Head of Software Engineering.

Alison and showing her son around our Test Greenhouse in San Carlos, CA.

Alison’s team collects data across all stages of a plant’s life and then uses that data to make automated changes in robotic behavior to help the plants reach their fullest potential. They also help their colleagues working in the greenhouse more easily interact with the robots and plants, by using the data they’ve created to make the best choices possible. In addition, they are supporting our company in reaching our sustainability goals, surfacing information to prove that our approach to agriculture is making a tangible positive impact on the environment.

She is also a supermom, as pictured above. 

I think software if applied correctly, can benefit humanity at large, and I get excited by the idea of showing people that it’s not just about making the next killer app for social media or targeting advertising. 

It was important to me that my next role was at a mission-driven company —  where I was spending my time working to make the world a better place — and our consistent, unwavering focus on issues around climate and food accessibility is something I’m proud to talk about, whether it be to candidates, previous coworkers, or friends and family. I also love how constantly challenged I am by being in this totally new (to me) industry, especially having worked in pure software companies for most of my career. The company is filled with amazingly intelligent people who are always happy to explain things to me, even at the most basic level, so I can really wrap my head around what it means to grow healthy produce in a sustainable way.

Alison Bellach

Meet Jamie Pearlstein, our Senior Grower.

Jamie tending to our plants in our Test Greenhouse in San Carlos, CA.

Jamie’s role is to test new crops in our Test Greenhouse in San Carlos, CA to determine the best growing techniques for our system. She not only works with our plants, but she also collaborates with Sales, New Product Development, Operations, and Engineering to prioritize which crops should be trialed. The crops could be leafy greens (herbs, lettuce, kales, etc) or fruiting crops (peppers, tomatoes, berries, etc).

I am proud of our mission to bring affordable food to communities that it is grown in a sustainable, nutritious way, with the most advanced and forward-thinking technology. I love that our company culture is collaborative, supportive, and positive and that we work so well across functional groups.

Jamie Pearlstein

Meet Rachel Cohen, our Program Manager.

Rachel receiving our packaging for our produce in Lockhart, TX.

As a Program Manager, Rachel builds alignment, encourages cross-functional collaboration, and enables the acceleration of critical projects across the company. She is currently focusing on new product development and sustainability.

In a previous life, Rachel was a trained chef, so we also occasionally get to taste her (rather delicious) experiments with our produce.

I’m proud to work in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), as we are well-positioned to help solve the looming food crisis due to climate change. 

Iron Ox takes such pride in producing high-quality, fresh produce. It’s been a career highlight to witness such precision farming, resulting in amazingly delicious food!

Rachel Cohen

Feeling inspired to work with these amazing women? Check out our job openings.

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Iron Ox

We believe the best food is grown locally and recently. Our growing facilities use advanced robotics to cultivate perfect, nutritious produce by giving each plant the specific attention it needs, and then getting it on a store shelf nearby within about a day of harvest.