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Web Summit 2021 Recap: Solving Global Climate Through Food

Web Summit 2021 Recap: Solving Global Climate Through Food image

Web Summit, one of the world’s top tech conferences, resumed in-person this year in Lisbon, Portugal, bringing together 42,000+ attendees and some of the greatest minds redefining the tech industry, including our very own Iron Ox CEO & Co-Founder, Brandon Alexander. 

In a time of uncertainty for many industries and, indeed, the world itself, Web Summit aims to gather the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers, and heads of state, to ask a simple question: where to next?

Brandon’s talk, “Solving Global Climate Through Food”, focused on the climate impact of agriculture, and the necessary steps we must take to make agriculture carbon negative. 

We all know that gas-powered vehicles and coal mining are big contributors to climate change today. But, few of us realize that food, and more importantly, how it is grown and produced is one of the leading contributors to global warming today.

During his presentation, Brandon introduced how at Iron Ox, we are rethinking the entire food production process from the ground up so that every input, every step of the way, can be more sustainable. 

I think of food as where electric vehicles were just 10 years ago. And using technologies like AI, plant science, robotics, data science and more, we can make this shift happen sooner. And what I love about this is this is something that we can all participate in by asking, not just where does our food come from, but how is it grown. What sustainable steps were taken for the food that you eat?

Watch Brandon’s presentation at Web Summit here:

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We believe the best food is grown locally and recently. Our growing facilities use advanced robotics to cultivate perfect, nutritious produce by giving each plant the specific attention it needs, and then getting it on a store shelf nearby within about a day of harvest.